10 x 4.5 Pusher Propellers (set of two)

10 x 4.5 Pusher Propellers (set of two)
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This APC type electric pusher propellers is designed for counter clockwise (CCW) rotating tractor applications.  These propellers are intended for use on airplanes with twin tractor electric motors where a CCW rotating propeller may be desirable.  These propellers can also be used in a true pusher application by mounting with the lettering facing towards the front of the aircraft.The molding compound used in these propellers is manufactured using a pultrusion process. This method causes the fiberglass "fibers" to be oriented axially in 1/2" long pellets. This long fiber compound allows a higher fiber (60%) to resin (nylon binder) density than short or chopped fiber compounds. Viscous (skinning) effects during injection molding cause these long fibers to remain dominantly oriented in the propeller span-wise axis. This provides substantially higher strength and stiffness compared to more conventional processes which use short or chopped fibers. The long fiber composite material is both stiffer and stronger than glass filled nylon. The additional stiffness is beneficial to control of vibration resonance response. The natural frequencies of the propeller must be kept high enough to preclude excitation from engine torsional vibration and aero-elastic flutter. The higher strength allows the use of (relatively) thinner cross-sections, beneficial to weight and aerodynamic efficiency.


  • Precise hole alignments
  • Pultrusion manufactured
  • Counter Clockwise rotation (CCW)
  • Large wash for lift

Key Specifications:

  • Length - 10"
  • Pitch - 4.7
  • Max RPM - 6,500
  • Tensile Strength - 24.0 KSI
  • Tensile Elongation - 6%
  • Flexural Strength - 38.0 KSI
  • Flexural Modulus - 2.3 MSI

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