• Surface and Interfacial Tensiometer - Semi Automatic

Based on Du-Nouy Principle, for finding out Surface and Interfacial Tension of Oil against Water by ring Method as per IS 6104-1971.


Oils, Detergents, Dyes, Cosmetics, Insecticides, Pharmaceutical, Emulsifiers, Biological Fluids, Mineral Beneficiation, transformer oil etc.

Meets IS & ASTM Specification

IS 6104-1971

D-971 for interfacial and surface tension of oil against water.

D-1590 Test for water and waste water

D-1331 for Surface and interfacial tension of detergent.


Range: 0 to 90 dynes, Readings are in dynes per centimeter, dual scale on front of the instrument and carries a vernier that can be read directly to 0.02 dynes.

The instrument is supplied with one platinum ring of 6cm circumference, one sample dish, one length torsion wire, one spirit level, instruction manual, standard chart and carrying case.

The instrument is Electrically operated (hand operated is also available)

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Surface and Interfacial Tensiometer - Semi Automatic

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