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Multirotor Frames

Quadcopter Drone F450 frame,  hexacopter drone F550,  racer flyer QAV250 frame,  octacopter frame,  Multirotor, balsa airplane

Model: F450
This is a 450mm size quadcopter frame that is made from plastic and fibreglass.  It includes an integrated PDB. This F450 flaming wheel compatible frame is ideal for new users who would like to build thier first quadcopter as this is a very affordable and strong frame that can ha..
Model: F550
This is a 550mm size hexacopter frame that is made from plastic and fibreglass. This frame is ideal for new users who would like to build their first hexacopter as this is a very affordable and strong frame that can handle crashes.  Similarly this frame can be used by more advanced us..
Model: LG-F
The Landing Gear provide around 200mm of ground clearance, to mount and giving protection to Gimbal or Battery or camera at the bottom of your quacopter or hexacopter frames.  4 X High Landing Gear 8 X M2.5 Screws ..
Model: QAV250
QAV250 250mm Mini FPV Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Frame Kit The Mini Quad is a low weight Mini Sport FPV Quadcopter frame.It was designed to make use of standard sized electronic equipment commonly used in RC. This allows the quadcopter to compete with larger quadcopters, while being smaller and agil..
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