• KTEAM Khepera IV Research Robot
Khepera IV embeds state of the art features.

The Khepera IV is a compact robot designed for any indoor lab application (table, lab floor).
Compact, it requires a small space to operate, even in swarm. With its high flexibility, the Khepera IV robot can be used in almost any application such as navigation, swarm, artificial intelligence, computation, demonstration, etc .

The newest generation of Khepera is bringing with it a whole lot of new features such as embedded  Linux core, color camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB Host, accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, loudspeaker, 3 top RGB LED, improved odometry and precision.

Khepera IV Embedded Linux Support
With its Linux core, the Khepera IV embeds a complete standard Linux Operating System. It provides a well known standard C/C++ environment for application development. Almost any existing library can be easily ported on the Khepera IV, allowing the development of portable embedded algorithms and applications.

Khepera IV embeds state of the art features
Based on your experience, feedback and requests, the Khepera IV now integrates a powerful Linux core with WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope, color camera and a larger battery.
More stable than ever, you can now plug more extensions on the robot. The different sensors precision has also been improved and the odometry is even better than the Khepera III.

Khepera IV Architecture

The Khepera IV architecture provides exceptional modularity. As any K-Team robot, the Khepera IV is using an extension bus system for nearly unlimited configurations.

The robot includes an array of 8 Infrared Sensors for obstacle detection with 4 more for fall avoidance or line following as well as 5 Ultrasonic Sensors for long range object detection. The robot’s motor blocks are using very high quality DC motors for high efficiency and accuracy. The internal battery provides a running time of about 7 hours.

The Khepera IV is the new standard tool for robotic experiments and demonstrations such as:

Artificial Intelligence
Multi-Agent System
Collective Behavior
Real-Time Programming
Advanced Electronics Demonstration

Khepera IV Specifications


Processor Linux core running on a 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor with C64x Fixed Point DSP core and additional microcontroller for peripherals management

RAM 256 MB

Flash 512 MB plus additional 8GB for data

Motion 2 DC brushed motors with incremental encoders (roughly 147 pulses per mm of robot motion) and gearbox

Speed Max 1m/s in openloop and 0.8m/s with Factory default PID speed controller

Min 0.003m/s with Factory default PID speed controller

Sensors 8 Infra-red proximity and ambient light sensors with up to 25cm range,

4 Infra-red ground proximity sensors for line following applications and fall avoidance,

5 Ultrasonic sensors with range 25cm to 2 meters,

3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope

Audio 1x embedded microphone

1x 0.7W speaker (400-20’000Hz)

Video Integrated color camera (752×480 pixels, 30FPS)

LED 3 programmable RGB LED on top of the robot

AC adapter power 9V @ 2.5A

Autonomy Approximately 7 hours.

Additional turrets will reduce battery life.

Battery Embedded battery, 7.4V Lithium Polymer, 3400mAh

Communications 1x USB 2.0 host (500mA), 1x USB 2.0 device, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

Extension Bus Expansion modules can be added to the robot using the KB-250 bus.

Size Diameter: 140 mm

Height: 58 mm

Weight 540g

Max. payload Approx. 2000 g

Ground clearance 4 mm. Use only on hard and flat surfaces

Turn radius 0cm

Operating temperature 0-40°C

Development Environment for Autonomous Application GNU C/C++ compiler, for native on-board applications.

Other language Python 2.7.9

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KTEAM Khepera IV Research Robot

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