• Khepera IV Laser Range Finder Module

It is used to do navigation, specially for mapping and localization. A laser inside the sensor is scanning the robot environment, measuring each 0.36 degres the distance from any object at its height.

The model which can be used is the URG-04LX-UG01 from the Hokuyo company. The turret gives the mechanical support for the sensor and the connectivity for it. In option, you can add a battery with the external charger pack in order to save the Khepera IV robot autonomy.



Technical Information


20 mm to 5600 mm

Accuracy 60 to 1000mm : ±30mm , 1000 to 4095mm : ±3% of measurement

Angular resolution

approx. 0.36 degree


2 hours




Libkorebot, drivers for Player/Stage

Scanning time

100ms / scan

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Khepera IV Laser Range Finder Module

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