• Stepper Motor 3.3 kg-cm NEMA 17

NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor 5mm Round Shaft Two Phase Four Line Stepper Motor


Stepper motor can not be directly connected to the AC frequency or DC power supply work, and must use a dedicated stepper motor driver, which consists of pulse generation control unit, power drive unit, the protection unit and other components. The drive unit is directly coupled to the stepper motor, 

which can also be understood as the power interface of the microcomputer controller of the stepping motor.



Rated Power 6.6W

Rated Voltage 12V

Rated Current 1.3A

Rated Speed 500rpm

Rated Torque 0.320NM

Location Torque 120kg-cm

Holding Torque 3.3 kg-cm

Resistance 2.1Ω

Rotor Inertia 35g.cm²

Inductance/Phase 2.5mH

Line Number 4

Applicable Scope industrial automation, medical equipment. 

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Stepper Motor 3.3 kg-cm NEMA 17

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