• T Cobbler for Raspberry Pi IO Breakout Board with Cable

This T Cobbler for Raspberry Pi IO Breakout Board brings out the pins from the Raspberry Pi to breadboard where you can easily make your own circuit to be connected to RPI.

It requires no soldering and is ready to go for your next project! Great for prototyping.

Cleans up the wiring from the Pi to a breadboard, and provides sensible grouping and easily identifiable labeling for every pin, reducing error and accidental short circuits.

Protects your Pi from static damage. The Raspberry Pi GPIO pins are highly susceptible to any static discharge which can occur from direct handling. By connecting all of the GPIO pins to a breadboard first, you minimize the risk of any damage to your board.

Many Raspberry Pi cases only have a small, low-profile gap for a ribbon cable to connect the GPIO pins, and jumper wires don't often fit, or you need to dismantle your case every time you want to connect something. The Cobbler allows you to connect things up as you like.

The cobbler mounts onto the centre divider on solderless breadboards and gives easy access for breadboarding projects big and small.

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T Cobbler for Raspberry Pi IO Breakout Board with Cable

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