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Stepper Motor 28YBJ-48  5V 4 Phase 5 Wire With ULN2003 Driver Board
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Model: 28BYJ-ULN
This is 28YBJ-48 DC 5V 4 phase 5 wire stepper motor with ULN2003 driver board for arduino and raspberry pi. Make your own robot or any automated machine. 5-wire phase can drive ordinary uln2003 chip can also be connected as phase 2 may be supporting the development board, direct plug, easy to use s..
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Model: A4988
A4988 is a complete microstepping motor driver with built-in translator for easy operation. This product is available in full, half, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 step modes operate bipolar stepper motors, output drive capacity of up to 35 V and ± 2 A. A4988 includes a fixed off-time current regulator, the regu..
Model: CNC-S
The CNC Shield V3.0 allows you to build a engraving machine, 3D printer, mini CNC and other similar devices using your Arduino. It is designed as a shield and can plug on top of an Arduino requiring no external connections and wiring. There are 4 slots on the board for plugging in stepper motor driv..
Model: DRV8825
DRV8825 Stepper Motor Microstepping Driver for CNCThe DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is a breakout board for TI’s DRV8825 microstepping bipolar stepper motor driver. The module has a pinout and interface that are nearly identical to those of our A4988 stepper motor driver carriers, so it can b..
Model: RAMPS1.4
RAMPS 1.4 3D Printer Controller Shield for Arduino Megait is mainly designed for the purpose of using stepper driven board. Ramps can only work when connected to its mother board Arduino Mega 2560 and A4988/DRV8825. Owing to its stability in operation and great compatibility with most 3D printer (al..
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