Hitec Servo Motors

Hitec Servo Motors

Analog & Digital Servos  

We are the authorized distributor of HitecRCD, Stocks various product for quick delivery, provide special pricing and support in India.

Whether you fly, drive, sail, or build robots, we have a servo for just about any application you can imagine!

Hitec offer five different types of servo gear train material's Nylon, Karbonite, Metal, Steel and Titanium.

Choosing the right Hitec servo motor among 85+ different models for your next project can be a challenge. 

In Sport servos 3-pole iron core armature motors are used and coreless motors are used in premium, high performance servos.

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Hitec HS-425BB Deluxe Standard Servo
With dual ball bearings, impact resin gears and high performance circuitry. Operating Voltage Ran..
Hitec HS-430BH Deluxe, High Voltage, Ball Bearing Servo
The Deluxe ball bearing HS-430BH is our budget-minded analog servo capable of 6.0 to 7.4 volt ope..
Hitec HS-45HB AGTT Feather Servo
This micro servo comes with ball bearing shaft and karbonite gears, Hitec HS45HB is economic and ..
Hitec HS-475HB retired - replacement HS-485HB
This servo is Discontinued/Retired - Replaced by HS-485HB (Click Here)  HS-485HB upda..
Hitec HS-5065MG High Torque Metal Gear Feather Servo
Hitec raised the bar by offering the ever popular HS-65 in a new digital version! The HS-506..
Hitec HS-5085MG Premium Mini Metal Gear Micro Servo
A digital version of one of Hitec’s most popular mini servos the HS-5085MG offers exce..
HItec HS-5086WP Digital Waterproof Micro Servo
The HS-5086WP is the smallest in Hitec's class of waterproof servos. With heavy-duty met..
Hitec HS-5087MH HV Premium Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo
Micro Servo! Major Power! The HS-5087MH digital, metal gear micro servo is the high voltage ..
HITEC HS-5245MG Mini Metal Gear Servo
With a custom programmable digital circuit and our strong metal and M/P gear train technology, th..
Hitec HS-5485HB Standard Karbonite Digital Servo
The HS-5485HB is Hitec’s lowest price digital servo and is an excellent choice for sport airplanes..
Hitec HS-5495BH HV Digital Karbonite Gear Sport Servo
Hitec Always believe in developing the highest quality servos in the market at an affordable pric..
Hitec HS-5496MH HV Digital Metal Gear Sport Servo
This is the economical HS-5496MH metal gear digital sport servo. Based on the popular HS-5485..
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Hitec HS-5585MH Economical High Torque Digital Coreless Servo
The HS-5585MH, supplies your 1/10th monster trucks to 1/8th scale buggies and truggies and high p..
Hitec HS-5645MG High Torque Metal Gear Servo
The digital version of our popular HS-645 is the HS-5645MG, featuring a programmable digital ..
Hitec HS-5646WP Waterproof Servo
Hitec HS-5646WP is teh newest waterproof servos, have what it takes to keep your radio control vehic..

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