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Keypad 4×4 Matrix 16-Key Membrane Switch Button for Arduino Raspberry PI
Keypad 4×4 Matrix 16-Key Membrane Switch Button for Arduino Raspberry PI Features  Ultra-..
Rs.170.00 Rs.90.00
Metal touch sensor module for Arduino Raspberry PI
Outputs a signal if the metal part of the Sensor was touched. You can adjust the sensitivity of..
Sound Impact-Detection-clap Sensor for Arduino Raspberry PI
The Sound Impact Sensor detects sound from up to 3 meters away, lending noise-activation possibiliti..
Rs.200.00 Rs.80.00
Touch Sensor TTP223 Capacitive Type Switch
Touch Sensor TTP223, single channel, Capacitive Type Switch, use with arduino and relays module to t..
 MP3 Sound Module FN-M16P
FN-M16P is a small and low price MP3 module with an simplified output directly to the speaker. The m..
Fingerprint Scanning Module - 5V TTL
It is a great fingerprint module  that communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed ..
Membrane Strip Potentiometer - 100mm
These are very thin variable potentiometers. By pressing down on various parts of the strip, the ..
Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module
The Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module can add a unique human interface component to your mic..
Parallax 2-Axis Joystick
2-Axis Joystick can be used to add analog input to your next project. The 2-Axis Joystick contain..
Parallax Emic 2 Text to Speech Module
Give your project a voice! Text-to-Speech Module is a multi-language voice synthesizer that conve..
Reed Switch and Magnet
This reed switch works like a standard switch but uses a magnetic field rather than a push button..
Say It Module
Add voice recognition functionality for 23 built-in pre-programmed or up to 32 user-defined comma..
Sparkfun MPR121 Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout Board
This is a breakout board for Freescale's MPR121QR2. The MPR121 is a capacitive touch sensor c..
Thermal Printer Panel mount 58mm - RS232 - TTL
Use this printer in any project where you need a hard-copy of the output. It has Low noise and di..
Parallax 5-Position Switch
It is possible for more than one position to make contact at a time, such as pressed+right, left+..

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