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Bluetooth BEE Module

Bluetooth BEE Module
Back-ordered coming in 15 days
Bluetooth BEE Module


bBee is an easy to use Bluetooth serial port protocol module compatible with existing Xbee/Zigbee sockets, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. Provides easy wireless intergrtion to/with your robots Intercommuniation, Android phones, wireless control system, embedded wireless processor, sensors network etc

The Serial port Bluetooth module is fully qualified Bluetooth V2.0+EDR(Enhanced Data Rate) 3Mbps Modulation with complete 2.4GHz radio transceiver and baseband. It uses CSR Bluecore 04-External single chip Bluetooth system with CMOS technology and with AFH(Adaptive Frequency Hopping Feature).It even has the smallest footprint as small as 12.7mmx27mm.

Hope it will simplify your overall design/development cycle.


  • Typical -80dBm sensitivity
  • Up to +4dBm RF transmit power
  • Fully Qualified Bluetooth V2.0+EDR 3Mbps Modulation
  • 3.3V Operation, 1.8 to 3.6V I/O PIO control
  • UART interface with programmable baud rate
  • Integrated PCB antenna
  • xBee/Zigbee compatible headers

Software Features

  • Default Baud rate: 38400, Data bits:8, Stop bit:1,Parity:No parity, Data control: has.
  • Supported baud rate: 9600,19200,38400,57600,115200,230400,460800.
  • Use CTS and RTS to control the data stream.
  • When a rising pulse is detected in PIO0, device will be disconnected.
  • Auto-connect the last device on power as default.
  • Permit matched device connect by default.Default PINCODE:1234.
  • Auto-reconnect in 30 min when disconnected as a result of beyond the range of connection.

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  • Stock: Back-ordered coming in 15 days
  • Model: bbee
  • Weight: 0.25kg
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