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uM-PWM1 Servo Coprocessor

uM-PWM1 Servo Coprocessor
uM-PWM1 Servo Coprocessor

The uM-PWM1 chip is designed to work with pulse-width modulated signals used for remote control servo applications. It provides up to 8 input channels for monitoring pulse widths and 8 output channels for producing pulse width modulated (PWM) signals at either 50 Hz or a selectable frequency from 10 to 450 Hz. It can be interfaced with a microcontroller using an I2C or serial data interface.


  • internal oscillator
  • I2C bus interface (up to 400 Kbps)
  • serial data interface
  • up to 8 input channels
    • pulse widths measured with ± 1 microsecond accuracy
    • pulse count
    • high time
    • low time
    • frequency
  • provides decoding of Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) input signal
  • 8 output channels
  • pulse widths generated with ± 1 microsecond accuracy
  • selectable output channel frequency
    • standard frequency (50 Hz)
    • alternate frequency (from 10 to 450 Hz)
  • pulse widths restricted to specified range
    • 800 to 2200 microseconds standard pulse widths
    • 500 to 2500 extended pulse widths
  • output channel movements can be coordinated and synchronized
  • speed and time of output channel movements can be controlled

·  provides encoding of Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) output signal

·  5V operating voltage


  • remote control servos
  • controlling radio-control models
  • UAV
  • robotics
  • automation
  • special effects

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