• Koala Pan/Tilt Camera

This pan-tilt camera is a powerful solution for robotic vision experiments using a framegrabber connected either to a KoreBot or to a PC104, or for off-board processing using a tether or a wireless video transmitter. One or two cameras can be controlled directly from the Koala using KoreMotor, a dedicated motion control processor mounted under the Koala's hood or standalone.


  • Compact
  • Fast
  • Large choice of optics on demand
  • Open: I2C, RS232 & K-NET/SPI interfaces
  • Saccade-based model of vision
  • Target tracking
  • Vision with compensation of robot motion


Technical Information

Image Size

500(H)x582(V) pixels (PAL version)

Video Output

Color PAL (NTSC also available)
Coming soon: Digital USB Hi-Speed

Field of View

Choice of optics:

Horizontal FOV: 39deg (optionnal lenses avalaible from 15deg up to 90deg).

Control Bus

Can be interfaced using a KoreMotor board that provides RS-232 or I2C or K-NET/SPI

SBC for Motion Control


Pan Max Speed

>400 degrees per second

Pan Resolution

20 arcmin (0.33 degrees)

Maximum Tilt Backlash

85 arcmin (1.5 degrees)

Tilt max speed

>400 degrees per second

Tilt resolution

20 arcmin (0.33 degrees)

Maximum Tilt Backlash

85 arcmin (1.5 degrees)


500g (455g for pan-tilt and 45g for control electronics)


Base: 70mm diameter x 135mm height

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Koala Pan/Tilt Camera

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