Hitec EZX-R Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

Hitec EZX-R Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
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EZX-R is a 2-Way Electronic Speed Control from Hitec

Microprocessor Controlled
Low Resistance
One push set up
Two Way or One Way
Thermal Protection
Built-in on/off switch

Input Operating Voltage Range 6~7 Cells : 7.2v - 8.4v
BEC Output Voltage : 5V
BEC Output Current : 0.8A
Forward Maximum Current:  65A
Forward Continuous Current:  46A
Backward Peak Current : 32A
Backward Continuous Current : 23A
Half cut-off temperature : 100 - 110 deg C
On Resistance Forward 0.016ohm
On Resistance Reverse 0.032ohm
Weight 56g(2oz)
Dimensions 40x34x16mm (1.57x1.34x0.62inch)
PWM Frequency 1900hz
*Motor Limit 23 turn when properly geared.


Connection Diagram:

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