Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro 7-Channel 2.4GHz Digital Aircraft Radio System

Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro 7-Channel 2.4GHz Digital Aircraft Radio System
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Hitec radio controller Eclipse 7 is a facelift with numerous upgraded features. Offering a high intensity white backlit LCD screen, ergonomically positioned, back mounted slider knob and ultra-smooth quad ball bearing gimbals, this advanced AFHSS 2.4GHz system is your next feature-packed radio! It possesses 16-model maximum storage, intuitive control switches and an array of telemetric functions including sensor monitoring and on-board receiver low battery warning. And it doesn’t stop there. The Eclipse 7 Pro provides specific programming for fixed wing, glow,gas or electric planes, helicopters and sailplanes! Let it make you a Professional!

•7-Channel 2.4GHz Telemetric System
•3-Model Type (ACRO/GLID/HELI) Programming
•16-Model Memory
•Highly Sensitive 8 Ball-Bearing Gimbals
•Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD Screen
•Back Mounted Sliders for Easy Access
•Range Check Mode
•Auto-Assignable Control Switch
•Sensor Monitoring and RX Low Battery Warning
•Stick Mode Change
•Digital Trims
•7-Character Model Naming
•Three Conditional Mixes per Model Memory
•Model Copy
•Sub Trims
•Two Flight Timers
•5 Programmable Mixes
•All Channel Servo Reverse
•Dual Rates on Channel 1, 2 and 4
•Exponential Rates on Channels 1, 2 and 4
•Data Reset to Defaults
•Throttle Cut Switch
•Auto Engine Cut Switch
•Engine Hold


ACRO Programming
•Landing Mix
•Flap Trim Adjust
•Aileron-to-Rudder Mix
•Elevator-to-Flap Mix
•Flap-to-Elevator Mix
•Elevon Mix
•V-Tail Mix
•Ailevator Mix
•Flaperon Mix
•Aileron Differential
HELI Programming
•Throttle Cut
•Rudder-to-Throttle Mix
•2 Idle-up, 1 Throttle Hold
•5-Point Throttle Curve
•5-Point Pitch Curve
•Gyro Gain Adjust
•Revolution Mix
•Hovering Pitch Knob
•Hovering Throttle Knob
•Engine Lock Switch
•4 Swash Types: 90° 120° 140°  and 180°
GLIDER Programming
•2 Servo Wing Mode
•Camber Mix
•Aileron Differential
•V-Tail Mix
•Elevator-to-Flap Mix
•Aileron-to-Rudder Mix
•Flap-to-Aileron Coupling
•Flap-to-Elevator Coupling
•Flap-to-Aileron Trim
•4 Servo Wing Mode – Same as Above Plus:
•Crow Mix

Package Content
Eclipse 7 7Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter x 1
Optima 7 2.4GHz Receiver x 1
CG-S42 100-240V AC Charger x 1
Transmitter Battery  x 1
BODA Antenna Holder w/screws set x 2
Receiver Cover x 1
Instruction Manual x 1
Hitec Decal x 1

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