Brushless Motor BLDC 1000kv Quadcopter Multirotor

Brushless Motor BLDC 1000kv Quadcopter Multirotor
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Pre-fitted with bullets and dean connectors, no soldering required

These are brushless outrunner DC motors. This type of motor spins its outer shell around its windings.  Outrunners spin much slower than their inrunner counterparts with their more traditional layout (though still considerably faster than ferrite motors) while producing far more torque. This makes an outrunner an excellent choice for directly driving electric aircraft propellers since they eliminate the extra weight, complexity, inefficiency and noise of a gearbox.



Model aircrafts

Key Specifications:

Suggested Prop: 10 x 4.5 , 8 x 4.5
Battery Config: 3S Lipo
Operating Current: 6A ~ 14A
Peak Current: 14A
Weight: 56g
Shaft Size: 3.17 mm

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