• Parallax Polar Heart Rate Monitor Experiment Kit

Polar Heart Rate Sensor Wireless Transmitter:

The Non-Coded Heart Rate Transmitter monitors and then wirelessly transmits your heart rate data from the chest strap to a compatible receiver.  This allows the wearer to monitor their heart rate and related bio-metric statistics.


Key Features:

  • Heart rate sensor wirelessly transmits heart rate data without the need for conductive gel
  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters for use in extreme environments 
  • Battery to last up to 2,500 hours of continuous usage
  • Adjustable elastic strap for comfortable yet secure sensing
  • Removable and machine washable textile strap keeps your sensor bacteria-free


  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • ECG accuracy
  • Up to 2,500 hours of usage
  • Non-user replacable battery
  • Adjustable medium size elastic chest strap included (25-54 inches)
  • Machine washable and anti-bacterial

Heart Rate wireless Receiver:

The Heart Rate Receiver is a receiver capable of wirelessly receiving coded heart beat transmissions from the Heart Rate Sensor.  With its standard servo interface pinout (Vss, Vdd, Sig), interfacing with this receiver is very simple - upon receipt of a heart beat signal, a 15 ms pulse is sent on the signal pin.  This receiver also features a longer reception distance, giving you added flexibility in your application.


Key Features:

  • Receives coded or non-coded signals from Heart Rate Transmitters
  • 80 cm reception distance gives you greater range from the transmitting heart rate sensor 
  • Long 15 ms pulse on received heart beat gives your processor ample time to sample a pulse 
  • Interface connector is not pre-installed to give you prototyping flexibility 
  • Standard servo connector compliant for easy interfacing
  • Any microcontroller (not included) like Basic Stamp, Arduino etc may be used to process data.


  • 3 pin .1" pitch header (servo compatible)
  • 80 cm reception range
  • Dimensions: .75 in x 1 in (19 cm x 25.4 cm)
  • 15 ms TTL level high (Vdd) pulse on received heart beat
  • 3v - 5.5v supply voltage range
  • 200 uA current consumption @ 5v
  • Operating temp range: +40 to + 122°F (+5 to +50 °C)

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Parallax Polar Heart Rate Monitor Experiment Kit

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