• TinkerKit Mosfet Module

This module switches a high current load using a high power transistor. Unlike a mechanical relay, this is capable of high speed switching for use with PWM.

Input: This module lets you control devices operating at a maximun of 24VDC with an Arduino pin. To wire the module, connect the power supply for your device (max 24 V) to the V+ and GND terminals. Connect the device to M+ and M-. Be aware of your circuit's polarity, you could damage your components if it is not wired correctly.

Module Description: This module features a power MOSFET transistor, a kick-back diode, a standard TinkerKit 3pin connector,a signal amplifier, a green LED that signals that the module is correctly powered and one yellow LED whose brightness depends on the input signal received by the module.

This module is a ACTUATOR. The connector is an INPUT that must be connected to an OUTPUT.

Compatible with any microcontroller - Arduino, Basic Stamp, 8051, Atmega, PIC, Propeller

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TinkerKit Mosfet Module

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