• Iteadstudio GPS Receiver Shield

GPS shield is a GPS module breakout board for Arduino. It can make your Arduino as a GPS receiver with SD storage, it is easy to use for recording the position data into SD card by Arduino


The footprint is compatible with Arduino/MEGA boards. The regular GPS pins (RX, TX) can be connected to D0-D7 of Arduino.


Adding GPS to your Arduino has never been easier. Multiple GPS receivers attach easily to the shield; you will be able to locate your exact position within a few meters. Here's where we are.


GPS also gives you amazingly accurate time!  It’s suitable for the following applications with Arduino or Arduino compatible boards

  • Automotive navigation
  • Personal positioning
  • Fleet management
  • Marine navigation


  • With Micro SD interface
  • Active  antenna  design with  high  receive  sensitivity,  compatible normal antenna
  • Extremely fast time to first fix at low signal level
  • UART interface
  • Operation temperature: -40 ~ +85 degC

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Iteadstudio GPS Receiver Shield

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