• Khepera Korebot II Computing Board

Designed for mobile robotics, KoreBot II fits the needs of OEM developers of handheld devices: at the size of a credit card, KoreBot II is a powerful embedded platform based on the gumstix Verdex PRO with an XScale processor. KoreBot II extends the same type of functionality and performance found in the latest generation consumer PDA devices to the industrial market.

Ready-to-run, extremely compact, but flexible for expansion and customization for customer application needs, KoreBot II provides the starting point for new designs and comes complete with all the hardware and software needed to start development including its Linux operating system.



Elements Technical Information
Processor Intel XSCALE PXA-270 @ 600MHz
RAM 128 MBytes
FLASH 32 MBytes
Power Supply Input: 5VOutput: Embedded power regulation for Compact Flash, and other 3.3V extensions...
Power Consumption Idle: 500mWMax: 1200mW
Connectors 1 x Compact Flash Type I socket 1 x uSD socket1 x KB-250 Interface (2x50-pin, see below) 2 x RS232 (KoreConnect needed) 1 x USB Host (mini USB connector) 1 x Gumstix extension connector
KB-250 Interface 3x Serial RS332 (including Bluetooth compatible port)3x USB Master port (to connect USB camera)1x MMC controller (MutiMedia Card)1x LCD controller1x I2C bus (400kb/s)1x SSP/SPI bus (1.8Mb/s)1x AC97 sound controller2 x PWM pins53 x GPIO pins (if not used for above features)
OS Support Linux 2.6.x (OpenEmbedded Ansgtröm Distribution)
License GPL license on boot loader.
KoreBot Platform Package System bootloader in executable format. GNU-Linux Development Based Environment.
Optional Extensions KoreMotor drive up 4 DC motors. KoreConnect (Easier connection to RS232 ports and USB Client). KoreJTAG (JTAG to USB interface). KoreUSBCam (USB Camera module) KoreIO (Analog I/O, digtal out, servo control). KoreWifi
Size 85mm x 57mm x 33 mm
Weight 52g


KoreBot II Standard Connectivity

KoreBot  II provides an embedded USB Host to allow the connection of any USB device directly to board. Such a feature allows the connection of standard:

  • USB video camera
  • Keyboard & mouse
  • USB storage
  • PDAs
  • etc ...

KoreBot II provides  One Compact Flash Slot to allow the connection of standard pocket PC extensions. Such a features allow the connection of standard:

  • Wireless Ethernet card
  • Bluetooth card
  • Flash Storage card
  • etc ...

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Khepera Korebot II Computing Board

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