• Khepera Wireless Camera

The KheperaIII wireless camera is designed to transmit sound and video from the KheperaIII robot to an access point or router (802.11b/g). Images and sound can then be processed on a remote computer before sending commands back to the robot using a KoreWifi. The camera is very easy to connect and use. First configure the SSID and the WepKey to match with your Wireless Network, and thereafter the camera will automatically connect to the network. You can access to the video and the sound with a simple web browser or with the given software. The camera orientation can be changed to match specific experiment's needs.

The KheperaIII wireless camera is an alternative to the the KoreUSBcam, with various advantages. Better quality, simple image processing on an external computer, easy to use.


  • Use on the KheperaIII or as standalone
  • Support RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocole)
  • MPEG-4 Simple Profile Video Compression
  • Compact Size with Stylish Design
  • Easy to install and configure
  • SLLP (Superior Low Light Performance)
  • up to 16 Cameras recording Software
  • High resolution (640x480 pixels)

New Experimental Possibilities

  • Autonomous vision experiment with remote processing
  • Multi-robot vision experiment
  • High quality image processing

The standard configuration with the Wireless Cam is the following:

  • KheperaIII robot
  • KoreBotLE
  • KoreWifi
  • KheperaIII WirelessCam

This configuration can be duplicated up to 16 times (number of available channels). The KoreBotLE with the KoreWifi also allows connecting the robot to the Wireless Network.

KheperaIII WirelessCam Specifications

Elements Technical Information
Sensors Color CMOS camera
Resolution of Image Up to 30/25 frames at 640x480
Networking Protocol TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DDNS, UPnP, Telnet, NTP, DNS, DHCP and RTSP
WLAN 802.11g wireless LAN
Lens Fixed focal with fine tuning, 4.0mm, F2.0
Weight Net 170g
Dimension 35mm(D) * 108mm(W) * 76mm(H)

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Khepera Wireless Camera

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