• MUSA Research Robot Platform

This kit supplies nearly everything you would need to build a multi-directional robot, with enough PING))) modules to cover 360 degrees of object detection. All you need to supply is power, a brain of your choice, and programming to get it around.

They’re fully tested and packaged with care. We’ve spared no expense to provide the highest quality materials and fabrication processes.


  • 18” diameter round robot base provides zero-turn radius
  • Pre-drilled mounting locations for two motor bearing blocks
  • Pre-drilled mounting locations for up to 10 Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensors and Protector Stands
  • Pre-drilled mounting locations for two caster wheels
  • Under-carriage battery pack mount location for 12V 7Ah batteries (designed for Power-Sonic PS-1270 or PS-1272 sealed lead-acid batteries)

Full Kit Contents:

  • (1) Motor Wheel Kit with Position Controller
  • (10) PING))) Ultrasonic Ranger Finder
  • (2) Caster Wheel Kit
  • (1) Robot Base Kit - Black
  • (2) HB-25 Motor Controller
  • (10) PING))) Protector Stand
  • (10) Servo Extension Cables

Things You Supply:

  • Processor board of your choice (Propeller, BASIC Stamp, AVR, Arduino, beagle)
  • 12V 7Ahr sealed lead-acid battery.
  • Wiring, power switch

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MUSA Research Robot Platform

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