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Add color and light detection to your next project with Color and Light Sensors.

LDR Light Sensor Module for Arduino raspberry PI
-50 %
Model: LDR-M
LDR Light Sensor Module for Arduino raspberry PI, use it as light sensing switch with relay modules or make your robot follow and avoid light Features: Can detect ambient brightness and light intensity Adjustable sensitivity (via blue digital potentiometer adjustment) Operating voltage 3.3V-5V..
Rs.60.00 Rs.120.00
TCS3200 Color Recognition RGB Sensor for Arduino Raspberry PI
-22 %
Model: TCS3200
​TCS230 TCS3200 RGB Color Recognition Sensor for Arduino Raspberry PI Input voltage: DC 3 ~ 5V Output frequency voltage: 0 ~ 5V Use bright white LED lights can be connected directly with Microcontroller Static detection of the measured object color Best detection distance: 10mm PCB size: 31.6..
Rs.380.00 Rs.490.00
Model: CMUcam v4
Computer vision is seriously cool technology but it takes a lot of processing power, it'd be nice to give your next microprocessor project the power to identify motion and color, but something like an Arduino would struggle to keep up. What you can do is have a dedicated processor do the heavy-lifti..
color-light sensor
Back-ordered coming in 15 days
Model: colorPAL
  The ColorPAL is a miniature color and light sensor which, through its RGB LED, doubles as a color generator. For sensing color, the ColorPAL uses its LED to illuminate a sample, one color component at a time, along with a broad-spectrum light-to-voltage converter to measure the light refl..
Model: FFD01
Fire detection, Fire fighting robot, Fire alarmSpectrum range: 760nm ~ 1100nmDetection angle: 0 - 60 degreePower: 3.3V ~ 5.3VOperating temperature: -25℃ ~ 85℃Dimension: 27.3mm * 15.4mmMounting holes size: 2.0mmSensitive to flame spectrumFeatures wide range voltage comparatorAdjustable sensitivitySig..
HDJD-S822 Color Sensor Breakout
Back-ordered coming in 15 days
Model: HDJD-S822
Don't leave your next physical computing project stranded in a world of black and white! This color senor module can detect the color of an object and report it back to your processor for applications like color sorting. The great thing about the HDJD-S822 is its simplicity to get it up and runn..
JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface
Back-ordered coming in 15 days
Model: SEN-10061
This JPEG color camera allows you to capture and output JPEG images through UART, making it easy to integrate into an existing design. Note: These only work reliably with a 5V power supply, even though the manual states they can work at 3.3V. If you want to use it at 3.3v, you will need a lower ..
JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface - Infrared
Out Of Stock
Model: SEN-11610
An infrared camera is the way to go! This serial port camera module can capture high resolution pictures and transport them over TTL serial, making it ideal for embedded applications. And it can do it in the dark, thanks to infrared LEDs. The infrared feature even has a built-in light sensor, so as ..
Model: ov7670
The OV7670 Camera Module is a small image sensor, low operating voltage, providing all functions of a single chip of VGA camera and image processor. Through SCCB bus control, the sensor can output the whole frame, sampling, and various resolution 8 bits of data.  The product VGA image..
Model: 28302
Comes with SIP converter. TCS3200 Color Sensor Daughterboard is a complete color detector, including a TAOS TCS3200 RGB sensor chip, white LEDs, collimator lens, and standoffs to set the optimum sensing distance. Compatible with any microcontroller. The TCS3200-DB can detect and measure a n..
Model: TSL1401 Linescan Imaging Sensor Daughterboard
Comes with SIP converter. The TSL1401 Linescan Imaging board provides one-dimensional sight to almost any microcontroller. Compatible with any microcontroller. It is a platform suitable not only for evaluating TSL1401R imaging chip, but also for incorporation into OEM products, as well as hobbyi..
Model: Photoresistor
Use it for light sensing application. Make your own light following or avoiding robot.    ..
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