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HLK PM12 Hilink AC to DC 12V 3W Isolated Converter Module
2 weeks
Model: HLK-PM12
HLK-PM012 from Hilink is a isolated switching step-down power supply module and can supply 5 volts DC from 120 Volts to 230 Volts AC input and has a power rating of 3 watts.This module replaces lots of parts from the traditional power supply like diodes, voltage regulator, transformer. This Power Su..
Model: isd1760
Specifications: Onboard ISD1760 chip. Onboard microphone, can do direct recording. 75 seconds of audio playback. Recording, Erase, Play, FT (direct), Fast Forward, Reset, Volume buttons. Easy interface with the microcontroller using the 2.54mm spaced male pin headers...
Model: JS2AX
It can be used to sense movements in 2 directions(axes). It also has a inbuilt switch which can be activated by pressing the stick.Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for each axis. Pots are ~10k each. With the help of this Joystick Module, you can measure position coordin..
Model: LM2596
LM2596 DC-DC Buck step down voltage regulator Converter ModuleDescription:Input voltage:4.5-30VOutput voltage:3.0-28V(Adjustable)Output current: Rated current is 2A,maximum 3A(Additional heatsink is required)Features:Conversion Efficiency: Up to 92% (output voltage higher, the higher the e..
Model: LM386M
LM386 is very useful audio amplifier module, connects 4-8 ohms speaker.Onboard LM386 Chip moduleOn-board speaker wiring Block.On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the volume of the enlargeOnboard power indicator...
Model: LL4CH
This Level Converter- 4 Channel features four high speed bi-directional 4 channels, allowing for safe and easy communication between devices operating at different logic levels. Recommended to use with Arduino Due, Raspberry pi and any board that has 3.3v logic levels.The board needs to be powered f..
Model: RS485TTL
The MAX485 TTL To RS485 Module converts TTL signal to RS485 for long range, high data rate error prone differential communication. Digital communications networks implementing the EIA-485 standard can be used effectively over long distances and in electrically noisy environments.Multiple receivers m..
MCP4725 DAC I2C Digital to Analog Converter
2 weeks
Model: MCP4725
MCP4725 is an I2C controlled Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC). A very cost-efficient option of DAC allows you to send an analog signal, such as a sine wave, from a digital source, such as the I2C interface on a microcontroller or embedded single board computers. Digital to analog converters are gre..
Memory Stick Datalogger
Out Of Stock
Model: Memory Stick Datalogger
The Memory Stick Datalogger is a USB host bridge which allows you to connect a USB mass storage device, such as a thumb drive, to your microcontroller. The Vinculum Chip on the Datalogger handles the file system of the Memory Stick so that you can share the files with your PC using simple serial com..
Model: mSD-m
Breakout board for the microSD socket that is not much bigger than your fingernail. Compatible with the SPI interface found on any SD card, this tiny form factor was created for cell phone storage and is perfect for your next automatic MP3 play, sensor datalogging embedded project! Board comes fully..
MP3 Player Module DF Mini
Out Of Stock
Model: MP3-C
It  is a small and low price MP3 module with an simplified output directly to the speaker. The module can be used as a stand alone module with attached battery, speaker and push buttons or used in combination with any microcontroller, Arduino or any other with RX/TX capabilities.Features1.Suppo..
Model: 55510s
NE555 0-10 Sec Delay Timer Switch with 12V Relay ModuleFeatures:Module based on the NE555 chip.Input voltage: DC 12VAdjustable time: 0-10 sAC Control voltage: 250V/max. 10ADC Control Voltage: 30V/max. 10AMax. load: 2200WPrecision Pulse Generation / Timing.Monostable Operation.Standby no power consum..
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