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Model: KY022
 IR Receiver TSOP Module KY-022 is an Infrared receiving module adopts 1838 infrared receiving head Light resistance, strong electromagnetic interference, built-in infrared dedicated IC, can work under 500 lux light intensity Widely used in: stereo, TV, video machine, disc machine, set-top boxe..
Model: KP4x4
Keypad 4×4 Matrix 16-Key Membrane Switch Button for Arduino Raspberry PI Features  Ultra-thin design Adhesive backing Excellent price/performance ratio Easy interface to any microcontroller   Specifications  Maximum Rating: 24 VDC, 30 mA Interface: 8-pin access to 4x4..
Model: MAX4466
This MAX4466 Electret Microphone Amplifier with Adjustable Gain Module is best used for projects such as voice changes decibel(dB); audio recording/sampling, and audio-reactive projects that use FFT. On the back, we include a small trimmer pot to adjust the gain. You can set the gain from 25x to 125..
Model: KY-036
Outputs a signal if the metal part of the Sensor was touched. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor with the controller. Digital Out: At the moment of contact detection, a signal will be outputted.  Analog Out: Direct measuring value of the sensor unit. LED1: Shows that the senso..
Model: RFID125USB
This RFID card reader can read RFID card serial number and output to your computer according to the specified format, which may be used for any application including and not limited to food courts, gaming zone, shopping marts etcThe RFID card reader is simple, fast read card. Belong to standard HID ..
Sound Impact-Detection-clap Sensor for Arduino Raspberry PI Sound Impact-Detection-clap Sensor for Arduino Raspberry PI
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Model: SM-M
The Sound Impact Sensor detects sound from up to 3 meters away, lending noise-activation possibilities to your project. This sensor also includes an onboard potentiometer for easy adjustment of the range of detection for the sensor. This sensor is compatible with any microcontrollers.  Featu..
Model: TPWM-S
The default function of the capacitor touch dimmer is a switch, dimming, with brightness memories LED touch dimming. It will light slowly when turning on the lights, and become dark slowly when turn off, which effectively avoid the stimulation to eyes.The lamp brightness can be adjusted by requireme..
Model: TTP223B
Touch Sensor TTP223B, single channel, Capacitive Type Switch, use with arduino and relays module to turn ON your appliances. The Digital Sensor TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch is based on a touch-sensing IC (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch module. In the normal state, the module output lo..
Model: TTP223
  The touch sensor can detect the human touch by sensing the change of capacitance. The TTP223 is a touch pad detector IC which offers 1 touch key. The touching detection IC is designed for replacing traditional direct button key with diverse pad size. Low power consumption and wide operating v..
This Eye Blink sensor senses the human eye blink using infrared. The Variation Across the eye will vary as per eye blink. If the eye is closed the output is high otherwise the output is low, this can be easily read by microcontroller to automate alert mechanism.Working Voltage +5V DCOutput : TTL&nbs..
Model: SEN-11792
It is a great fingerprint module  that communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed it into your next project. The module itself does all of the heavy lifting behind reading and identifying the fingerprints with an on-board optical sensor and 32-bit CPU. All you need to do is send i..
Model: KP1x4
Key Type: 1×4 keyBotton: 4 Push ButtonItem Type:SwitchesSwitch Type:Push Button SwitchFeatures:ButtonVoltage: DC 12VCurrent: 30mAContact Resistance: >=100 OhmForce: 250-350gContact Bounce: >1sConnector Pitch: 2.54mm/ 0.1”Material: Plastic..
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