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Arduino Shields

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Arduino Ethernet shield, Arduino Motor Shield, Arduino WIFI shield, Arduino GSM Shield, Arduino Wireless Shield, Arduino Proto Shield, Arduino Bluetooth Shield, Arduino Meter Shield, Arduino xbee Shield, Arduino LCD shield, Arduino Joy stick  shield, Arduino Touch Screen TFT Shield, adafruit motor shield, Arduino CNC shield, Arduino GPS shield, Arduino Relay shield

Model: AGS-IA
The Arduino GSM Shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet, make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS messages. Just plug this module onto your Arduino board, plug in a SIM card from an operator offering GPRS coverage and follow a few simple instructions to start controlling your ..
Model: A-MotorShield
Overview The Arduino Motor Shield is based on the L298 (datasheet), which is a dual full-bridge driver designed to drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors. It lets you drive two DC motors with your Arduino board, controlling the speed and direction of each one indepe..
Model: A-wifi
The Arduino WiFi Shield connects your Arduino to the internet wirelessly. Connect it to your wireless network by following a few simple instructions to start controlling your world through the internet. As always with Arduino, every element of the platform hardware, software and documentation  ..
EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino - Voice Recognition EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino - Voice Recognition
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Model: EasyVR3plus
The EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino is compatible with any Arduino board. It includes the EasyVR 3 Plus module AND the Arduino Shield adapter.EasyVR 3 Plus is a multi-purpose speech recognition module designed to easily add versatile, robust and cost effective speech recognition capabilities to alm..
Ethernet Shield for Arduino
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Model: w5100
With this Ethernet Shield, your Arduino board can be used to connect to internet.Can be used as server or client.Directly plug puzzle board, no soldering required.Controller: W5100.This is the latest version of the Ethernet Shield.This Arduino Ethernet Shield which is based on the Wiznet W5100 Ether..
Model: TFT2.8
The Arduino 2.8”TFT Touch Shield V2 is designed for all the Arduino compatible boards. It works in 3.3V voltage level. It can be directly plugged on the Arduino and other compatible boards. It will offer display, touch and storage functions for the Arduino board.FeaturesArduino UNO Rev3 / Mega Shiel..
Model: TFT3.2
Arduino 3.2" TFT LCD Touch shield is an Arduino Mega compatible, multicolored TFT display with touch-screen and SD card socket. It is available in an Arduino MEGA shield compatible pinout for attachment. The TFT driver is based on SSD1289 with 8bit data and 4bit control interface. The touch IC is XP..
Model: BLE-S
BLE 4.0 shield is to adapt Bluetooth Low Energy to serial port, which is specifically designed for Arduino and compatible boards, plug and play. As the shield supports both 3.3V and 5V operating levels, it can be used together with other compatible motherboards such as  Arduino DUE, ChipKit. BL..
Model: BT-S
This shield is also compatible with Arduino Due(3.3v) Board, including Arduino Uno and Mega(5.0v) The Bluetooth Shield integrates a Serial Bluetooth module. It can be easily used with Arduino for transparent wireless serial communication. You can choose two pins from Arduino D0 to D7 as Softwar..
Model: HV-S
This shield have 2 channels mechanical relays and 2 channels MOS switch, providing an easy way for applications of voltage controlling from low to high.The 3Pins breakouts make it easy to build a project or prototyping quickly, by using many existing sensor modules. And there are some wireless inter..
Model: IOTGO
Itead IoTgo Shield On-Board AC-DC Power Supply Module With Xbee Nrf24l01 Interface For Arduino.By using IoTgo shield, you can make some remote control home application projects with no effort.With an on-board AC-DC module, Arduino IoTgo shield can transfer AC 85~260V to DC 5V, so it can be the power..
Model: AMS
L293D is a typical Motor driver or Motor Driver IC which allows DC motor to drive on either direction. L293D is a 16-pin IC which can control a set of two DC motors simultaneously in any direction. It means that you can control two DC motor with a single L293D IC.In a single L293D chip there are two..
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