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Model: Prop-AB
Harnessing the power of the 8-core Propeller microcontroller is now easier than ever before. The built-in Propeller P8X32A programming system is pre-wired to the most popular peripherals, making experimenting fast and fun. The Propeller Activity Board features the 8-core Propeller microcontr..
Propeller Demo Board
Out Of Stock
Model: PDB
The Propeller Demo Board demonstrates the Propeller's varied capabilities in a compact and fun platform. You can use it to learn Propeller programming and then develop full-blown applications which generate video and sound, and utilize mice and keyboards. All the requisite power supply and USB progr..
Propeller Proto Board USB
Out Of Stock
Model: PropProtoUSB
The Propeller microcontroller is a multi-processing chip with eight processor in a single chip.   Architecture: 32-bits System Clock Speed: DC to 80 MHz Global RAM/ROM: 64 K bytes; 32 K RAM / 32 K ROM Cog RAM: 512 x 32 bits each I/O Pins: 32 (simultaneously addres..
Model: DEV-13229
This is the FreeSoC2 Development Board. The PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip) brings together features of the programmable devices and microcontroller-type systems on chips into one package. By placing a programmable fabric between the peripherals and the pins, the FreeSoC2 allows any function to..
Model: STM32
STM32F103C8T6 Development STM32 ARM Board is the best to learn and develop projects on ARM  Cortex-M3 32-bit core Microcontroller.high-quality STM32 Board72MHz work frequency.64K flash memory, 20K SRAM.2.0-3.6V power, I/O.Reset(POR/PDR).4-16MHz crystal.Onboard Mini USB interface..
Super Carrier Board
Back-ordered coming in 15 days
Model: Super Carrier Board
Low-cost through-hole development board for a BASIC Stamp 1 (BS1-IC), 24-pin BASIC Stamp 2 series, and Javelin Stamp modules. This board is often used for experiments and permanent BASIC Stamp projects soldered to the through-hole area. Features: 14-pin SIP socket and 24-pin DIP socket ..
Teensy 3.2
Out Of Stock
Model: teensy
The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. Each Teensy 3.2 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the on-board USB connection: No external programmer needed! You can program for the Teensy in your favorite program..
Arduino Yun - Linux-WIFI-Ethernet-IOT Arduino Yun - Linux-WIFI-Ethernet-IOT
Out Of Stock
Model: YUN
The Arduino Yún is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 and the Atheros AR9331. The Atheros processor supports a Linux distribution based on OpenWrt named OpenWrt-Yun. The board has built-in Ethernet and WiFi support, a USB-A port, micro-SD card slot, 20 digital input/output pins (of whic..
Board of Education Shield for Arduino
Back-ordered coming in 15 days
Model: BOE-Arduino
Plug the Board of Education Shield into your own Arduino for convenient breadboard prototyping and servo ports, with no soldering required. Arduino programmers who appreciate our breadboard-friendly sensors and  accessories will find them even easier to use with this shield.  Tested wi..
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