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Arduino Uno Engineering Classes Kit

Arduino Uno Engineering Classes Kit
Arduino Uno Engineering Classes Kit

SUMEET Arduino Engineering classes Kit based on Arduino Uno is a practical kit, for hands-on learning and experimenting the microcontroller based automated process , that helps students develop key engineering skills.    

What can we do with this kit? 

- sensors data feedback and datalogging, 

- power control and switching, 

- wireless communication & control, 

- home automation, 

- ambience and environment sensing, 

- security/breach alarm 

- Parking / Toll gate 

- Ideas are limitless! Design something for a social cause - help someone with an intelligent blind stick

What is included ?

UNO board - 1pc

Breadboard 400 point - 1pc

Jumper wires (MM,MF,FF) - 1 set

Uno cable - 1 pc

Led (red, green, blue x 5each) - 15pc 

Push button - 1pc

Resistors 1/4W (assorted) - 1 set

Smoke Sensor MQ2 module - 1pc

Ultrasonic HCSR04 sensor module  - 1 pc

Temperature Humidity DHT11 sensor Module - 1 pc

IR Infrared module - 1 pc

Servo Motor SG90 - 1 pc

Relay 1ch 5v Module - 1 pc

OLED 0.96 I2C Display Module - 1 pc

Seven-Segment CC display - 1 pc

Potentiometer 10k - 1 pc

LDR Light sensor module - 1 pc

HC05 Bluetooth module - 1 pc

18650 Li-ion battery - 2 pc

Bmp280 Barometric Pressure Sensor Module - 1 pc

Piezo Buzzer - 1pc

Soldering Iron 25W with solder wire - 1 set

TP4056 battery charger module - 2pc

Battery Holder - 2pc

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  • Model: KRS01
  • Weight: 1.00kg
Tags: Arduino , kit , sumeet , krs , engineer , classes
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