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YIHUA 929D-II Automatically Solder Wire Feeding Soldering Iron

YIHUA 929D-II Automatically Solder Wire Feeding Soldering Iron
YIHUA 929D-II Automatically Solder Wire Feeding Soldering Iron

YIHUA 929d-ii is truly an automatic soldering tool. Unlike conventional soldering guns & irons, this soldering gun feeds solder wire with a motor. One-handed soldering can be done effortlessly without pressing repeatedly. Press & hold to feed continuously or release to stop.

The gun comes with a quick-heating ceramic heating element that matches the performance of soldering stations. The temperature is adjustable from 194~896F with PID precision temperature stabilization that cycles every 20ms.

This Versatile Soldering Tool with a feeder mechanism takes solder wire diameter from 0.8~1.2mm. The solder wire can be fed from on the gun, or from anywhere above the gun. This YIHUA 929D-II Automatically Solder Wire Feeding Soldering Iron can be hooked to use anywhere for home, studio, product manufacturing lines, and more.


  1. Model929D-II
  2. Voltage220V~240V/AC,50Hz
  3. Maximum power130W
  4. Rated power18W
  5. Temperature range90~480C/194~896F
  6. Heat up quickly with high efficiency since this product uses the internal heat type of heating element.
  7. Pluggable type heating element, easy to replace.
  8. Adjustable and constant temperature
  9. Solder Feed Iron which can operate for soldering by one hand, is convenient and efficient.
  10. To replace the solder tin wire.
  11. With a power switch, which can be turned off when not in use, safe and energy efficient.
  12. The internal use of SMT double-sided manufacturing process, the components installation processes are performed orderly to ensure clarity of electric signal flow.
  13. Equipped with sleep function, Celsius/Fahrenheit mode conversion, and temperature calibration.

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  • Model: 929D-II
  • Weight: 1.50kg
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